My Dinner With André (1981)

my-dinner-with-andre-1My Dinner With André is a 1981 film starring and written by André Gregory and Wallace Shawn.  Directed by Louis Malle, the movie showcases a conversation that takes place between André and Wally, where the duo confront the stark reality of the “modern” human existence, technology, comfort, life, death and all the high-brow topics that interest the artistic minds of early 1980s Theatre aficionados.

You’ll notice that earlier I capitalized the “T” in “Theatre”.  This is because it is clear when Wally and André speak, that they too are capitalizing the “T” whenever they say the word.  I’ll also be sure to include l’accent aigu whenever spelling André.

Simultaneously hoity and toity, this movie yammers on endlessly with high and mighty ideas of why society is irredeemable, and how every one around them in the circles they occupy never really live, or truly “see” anyone or anything.  The result is a movie that is clearly not in any way shape or form meant for me.

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