Review Grab Bag (10-4-15)

Review Grab Bag 11-4-15

It’s the 11th Edition of the Review Grab Bag, everyone!  Yay!  For something I’ve been doing for a little over 4 years, that’s really not a lot of Grab Bags.  Sure, once or twice there was basically a whole year or more in there where I didn’t post anything… but we don’t like to talk about that.

*Shifts eyes shiftily*

Anyway…  Today, in the Review Grab Bag we’ll find 2 movies, a Graphic Novel and a puzzle that’s from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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Review Grab Bag (6-15-13)

RGB 6-15-13

So, usually when I haven’t blogged much over a week or two, it’s because I haven’t had much time to consume any media.  This time, it’s because I haven’t happened to consume much media that I could write multiple paragraphs on.  Seriously.  I’ve watched several movies these past weeks… but even though I’ve really enjoyed, or even loved, them… I’ve just got nothing much to say about them.  So I had to save ’em up… and it’s RGB time, bitches.

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Side By Side (2012)

Side By SideSide By Side is a documentary that looks at the film industry’s gradual shift from film cameras to digital cameras.  That simple summary makes it sound like it must be the most boring thing in the world.  For many, I’m sure it would be.  However, nearly all  the industry’s top directors sit down with Keanu Reeves (Woah) and have a chat about their personal history with both old fashioned movie making, and their impressions of all the ways digital methods and computers have revolutionized the industry over the past 30 or so years.

My standard Documentary Disclaimer applies once again.  Very, very few documentaries are interesting if you aren’t at least moderately interested in the subject matter going in.  If you don’t enjoy dogs, don’t watch a documentary that delves into the learning patterns and behaviours of man’s best friend.  If the behind-the-scenes processes of movies is less interesting to you than watching paint dry on growing grass… please, don’t think that a glowing endorsement from me means that this is the movie for you.

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That Guy… Who Was In That Thing (2012)

That Guy Who Was In That ThingThat Guy… Who Was In That Thing sits down with 16 recognizable “character actors”, talks about their lives and times, and the ups and downs of trying to carve out a living in Hollywood.  It is quite possibly the most aptly titled movie I’ve ever seen.

“Character Actors” are the guys that play the lawyer, doctor, politician, cop, business man, middle manager, prisoner, guard, stooge or lackey in pretty much every movie or TV show ever made.  Maybe they have a role or show that most people remember them from, maybe they don’t.  Sometimes a That Guy has appeared in enough stuff, you might even remember his name when you see it in the credits.  Most of these guys aren’t those guys, but you’ll definitely remember their faces.  When the movie’s over, you’ll likely also remember their stories.

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