I Hate Daylight Savings Time ’13

Never been a fan of Daylight Savings Time.  I do not like it.  At all.  Twice a year I sharpen up my machete and try to put together a time machine to go back and right this injustice.

DST has been creeping more and more of our time away, to the point that “Standard” time is only 5 months out of the year and begging for a name change.  Maybe this will be the year that they finally bite the bullet and leave the clock the fuck alone.  At least until the next leap hour, anyway.

Saving Daylight

So, this weekend, according to two or three of the calendars that I flipped over today anyway, is the start of Daylight Savings Time. Which means we’ll throw away another hour, to the benefit of no-one, for no real good reason.

A popular myth is that they started this crock of shit for the farmers, letting them have more daylight to work by or some shit. Except the fucking farmers have exactly the same amount of daylight to work with, whether we fuck around with our clocks or not. Just because we spin some little plastic shit a twelfth of a circle doesn’t mean a goddamn thing to the sun. It still rises and sets based on gravity and axises and our spinning and shit, just like always.

Whatever bullshit reason they had for starting this shit, the need has long passed. What exactly the fuck do they think we’re saving? “This way, it won’t get dark until 9! If it’s brighter for later in the day we won’t have our lights on,” That’s another steaming load I’ve heard people spout. Know what lights most North American rooms by 9pm? You’re fucking looking at it right now. TVs and Monitors. They’re the lamps of the 21st fucking century, and they’re not going to take any less juice in a bright evening than in a dark one.

And why the fuck does the summer daylight need saving, like it’s some starving kid in Africa? You know what daylight needs saving? Winter daylight. If we saved our fucking daylight in winter, it wouldn’t get dark at goddamn 4 o’clock. And apparently the evening is when we need to save our daylight, right? That’s the whole fucking point, isn’t it? So yeah, fuck it. I guess we do need to jump ahead an hour, in November… right about the fucking time we’re supposed to fall back. Fuck that shit.

Why haven’t we just altogether thrown that hour away yet? No one wants to keep changing their fucking clocks. Some studies… probably bullshit, like all studies, but still… some studies show that people drop from the stress of losing and/or gaining hours every year. We clearly don’t need the 4 months (That’s all that’s left. Four fucking months) of “Standard” time. Let it go. If anyone in charge of this shit is reading this, please, Spring forward this year, and don’t look back.