Happy “Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work” Day… 2015!

So, yeah, I haven’t been writing… and yeah, “Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work” Day 2014 is still on the front page… but I’ve needed an excuse to break the silence for a long damn time, and I didn’t want it to be a post about not posting.

As I said last year, “Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work” Day is awesome, even in spite of its frustratingly unnecessary quotation marks.  Again, not my fault, blame the guy who created the Facebook Page.

Here’s my favourite picture of the day, and there are more pictures “after the jump” or whatever the kids are calling that “Continue Reading” link below.  I’ve been out of the loop for months, don’t you judge me if I don’t know the lingo.

Yuuup... There's yer problem.  This here is a "Land Shark" and you're tryin' to run it in the ocean.  Ain't gonna work, son.  Ain't gonna work.

Yuuup… There’s yer problem. This here is a “Land Shark” and you’re tryin’ to run it in the ocean. Ain’t gonna work, son. Ain’t gonna work.


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Happy “Bring Your Man-E-Faces To Work” Day!

The first Tuesday after Labour Day is “Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work” Day.  Those quotation marks seem unnecessary, but I didn’t make the title of the Facebook page, so don’t blame me.

Man-E-Faces was happy to join me at the shop today.

Here's Man-E-Faces checking the oil on an Ancient Eternian Relic... an '86 Civic.

Here’s Man-E-Faces checking the oil on an Ancient Eternian Relic… an ’86 Civic.

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Mattel & Funko are Evil.

I find it incredibly funny how things work sometimes.

I’m not exactly sure how old Funko’s Pop! Vinyl Figure line has been going, but I can remember what I said the first time I ever saw one.

“That’s the stupidest fucking thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

I was looking at a wall of Marvel and DC figures in Chibi form, with price tags in the $20 range.  They were sitting next to a shelf of dusty looking bobble-heads.  I noted this, because I thought next to shitty bobble-heads is exactly where this shitty set of Chibi Fantastic Four Folks belonged.

“You’ll never catch me buying one of those,” I said outloud to no one in particular.  I like to talk to myself, because being a huge neckbearded mother fucker looking at a wall of old toys doesn’t make me seem creepy enough.

Last year, though, I discovered they were making a Masters of the Universe set in their line.  I skimmed over a few articles on the subject.  The line was going to consist of He-Man, Skeletor, Hordak, She-Ra and Beast Man.   Nothing really shocking there, and I found myself giving only the smallest, casual sort of fuck about the line.

I never wrote about them, I never commented on them, I certainly never looked into what it would take to buy one of them.

So, how the fuck did I end up with one?

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Do Want

Do Want.

Do Want.

Apparently these two Japanese exclusive figures are entering a re-release phase that will have them end up at North American distribution houses.

If you’re wondering, these are two iconic Nintendo characters.  That’s Link, from The Legend of Zelda series on the left, and Samus from the Metroid series on the right.

Stuff like this is precisely the reason I try to never follow toy-related news.  I end up seeing pictures of amazing things that I do not–and probably never will–have.  I should try to get a hold of a couple of those Samuseses.  (Sami?  What’s the plural of Samus?)  One would look fantastic in a box on the shelf, and Charlotte deserves to have a Samus, even if she’d certainly destroy it in minutes.


I Got.

So almost 4 years ago, I made a post about a mind blowingly amazing new thing they were making. It was the beginning of the new Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Available only through Mattel’s online Collector’s store, Matty Collector, I was pretty sure I’d never be able to get one.  The price point was too high for me at the time.  I was between credit cards, so buying online was a huge hassle.  Since they were going to be a very limited run, I figured I would go without forever.

But that’s not the case.  

I want.

I know, it being this close to Christmas, it’s a terrible thing to start saying “I want this”, “I want that”, etc…  but I just found out that they’re finally selling these:


They’re new toys made in a similar design to the old ones, but made larger, with more articulation and detail.  I had heard about them quite a few months ago, but they only started pre-selling them online about 2 weeks ago.  

Of course, with them only being in limited supply, and only available through an online store, for me to get one would cost me more than they’d actually be worth.  So I can’t see me getting one.  As a matter of fact, I shouldn’t really even be writing about it.  But the only other thing on my mind at the moment is how much I think “Terminator 4” is going to suck, and how much the current season of “Heroes” actually does suck.
So yeah…  in summary… I’m a Fat Guy With Glasses.