In a World… (2013)

In_a_World_poster[1]Somewhere, a while ago, I saw Lake Bell–or maybe Rob Cordry? I don’t know.  I saw someone, damn it–talking about this movie to someone… Conan, Ferguson, Jon Stewart?  Fuckin’ vague memories.  I hate ’em.  Whenever it was, I filed it away in the mental file marked, “That Sounds Interesting To Me, But Not Enough To Ever Seek It Out.”  And that’s why whoever photoshopped the movie poster for this one is a mother fucking genius.

That’s Lake Bell, right there on the cover… but it caught my eye because I thought it was Cobie Smulders.  I enjoyed her character in How I Met Your Mother… for a half dozen seasons, anyway.  I also enjoyed her appearance in Marvel Comics Presnents Marvel’s The Avengers Assemble Avenging Vengeance Against Aveeno.  

Even if you don’t recognize the name, Cobie Smulders is (arguably, I suppose) much more famous than Lake Bell.  Seeing Bell’s face on a movie poster as I flipped through Netflix, I probably wouldn’t have stopped.  Seeing Bell’s face photoshopped to look a lot more like Cobie Smulders slowed me up enough to read the description.  They don’t even really look that much alike, but this photoshop job let me pause on my “Recommended For You” page just long enough to vaguely recall that interview with the someone on the some show or whatever.

Less than 2 hour run time?  Fuck it.  Let’s watch it.

Mother Fucking Genius.

I suppose you came here looking for a review of the movie, though.  Well, I don’t really feel like I need to do one.  Have you ever seen an independent comedy?  Was it loosely based around something you have an interest in? Maybe baking, cycling, being a teen?  Whatever.  They’re all the fucking same.  There’s the quirky girl and the awkward guy and the hot, successful douche that stands between them.  Of course, there’s the late 30s married couple that’s got issues with their stagnating marriage.  Oh, and Daddy Issues.  Can’t do an Indie without those.

Also on your Indie Bingo Cards, In a World… will cover the squares B-Cinematographically Experimental, I-See Quirky Retro Tech! and O-penly Referencing Media You Might Remember in Dialogue.

O-veralls.  Any other BINGOs?  Any other BINGOs?  Our next game will be 2 Lines or 1 line and four corners and will take place on the grey coloured cards in your packet.

O-veralls.  O-veralls.  Any other BINGOs? Any other BINGOs? Our next game, for $200, will be 2 Lines or 1 line and four corners and will take place on the grey coloured cards in your packet.

It turns out that Not-Cobie wrote and directed the movie, so she deserves more credit than I’ll probably give her.  The movie really is at least as well put together as any other Indie comedy I’ve watched, and it’s funnier than any romantic comedy I can remember.  I actually chuckled a couple of times at this one.  For me, that is a rare fucking occasion indeed, when one of the genre descriptors is “Romantic”.

This is probably the most unnecessary review of a movie, ever.  You’re going to know going in whether or not you want to see this movie.  It is exactly as good as your tastes and preferences would allow you to expect.  It’s an Indie Rom-Com that circles around the entertainment industry.  It hits all the talking points that an Indie, A Rom-Com and a Entertainment spoof should.  It’s nicely shot, and well acted.  If this wasn’t on your radar… go watch the trailer.  Trust your gut.  Whatever opinion you pre-judge this movie on will probably be right.  I thought I’d probably like it… and I did.

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