It came!  It came!  It finally came!

Not really finally, I suppose.  I happened to luck into an eBay auction finishing the Wednesday, or Thursday before last… so it actually got here pretty fast.  Anything less than 2 weeks to cross the border is practically unheard of for me.

It’s in much better condition than I expected to see it in.  The seller really downplayed the condition.  One corner’s in rough shape, and there are some pretty obvious bending that happened above the bubble… but it’s a couple years shy of 30 that this figure’s been in there.  I’m super impressed at how clear the original bubble still is.  About half of my old MOC bubbles are pretty yellow.

I’m also really impressed with the colouring.  Spikor’s head and torso covering were made with a softer–or maybe just more porous–solid chunk of rubber than many of the other figures.  From what I’ve seen he gets much more discoloured than your average MotU figure, because he’s kinda like God of War‘s Kratos… the dust just sticks to him.  I’ve never tried washing a loose Spikor because, generally speaking, water ruins MotU figures legs, and Spikor’s legs are among the weakest to begin with.  But with no dust getting into the sealed bubble, this figure is surprisingly bright and shiny.

Anyway, I now have a Mint-On-Card Spikor from the original line.  As far as I know, that means I now have a mint-on-card or mint-in-box version of each commercially released Spikor.  I recently rearranged a lot of the toys/games/etc in my Man-Boy Cave, and left a nice spot on the wall for it.

Stinkor Presents:  Spikor's Wall of Purple

Stinkor Presents: The Color Purple

The auction included the Zoloworld case, which I’ve heard lots about, but have never actually tried.  I’m pretty impressed with it, actually.  It seems very solid, and does a really great job displaying the card and figure, without taking up that much more wall space.  I’m not impressed enough to throw down 5 bucks per figure for my Star Wars figs, but I might throw down the $30 it would take to do my carded MotU/MotuC/PoP figures, Someday™.

Someday™ is an unregistered trade mark of no-one in particular.  Someday™ is an arbitrary amount of time, estimated to be greater than 24 hours, but less than the amount of time I have left to live.  The author makes no guarantee Someday™ will occur.  Someday™ may cause drowsiness.  Do not operate heavy machinery while waiting for Someday™.  

13 comments on “Woot!

    • Couldn’t believe it when I lucked into the auction. I happened to search “Spikor Carded” after/instead of my usual “Spikor MOC”. The seller didn’t have MOC anywhere in his discription, so it wasn’t show up in MOC searches. When I found it there was 1 bid with 18 minutes left to the auction. There couldn’t have been many other people that had stumbled upon it, because it was listed at $14.

      I have no qualms admitting that I sniped the shit out of the auction, bidding whatever I had left on PayPal (Little over $30) after estimating what the final Customs charge would be.

      Ended up winning with $26, $14 shipping, and whatever customs ended up being.

      The cheapest BIN price I’ve seen in the last 2 years was $75 before shipping/customs for an ungraded, un-Zolo’d, very yellow bubbled figure.

      • Geez. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Of course, I have to share an equivalent incident that’ll make you green. Not mine, though, my brother’s. He was going thrift store shopping around Christmas time, and St. Vincent’s had a Christmas tree in the front of the store with toys hanging on it for people to buy. Just a marketing device, of course. But there, right in plain sight, was the Sorceress. In package. For $5. Absolutely ridiculous.

      • That’s just craziness. This past Christmas? Craziness. I’ve gotta say, I was happy just to find her in the “Girl’s” section of loose figures in Value Village (Northern Branch of Savers, which you might not have, either) for $2. Even more pleased to find out her wings still worked.

        Did he sell it, or did he keep it? I’ve gotta say, as much as I love the figures, and my collection, $200ish pure profit would be hard to ignore.

        The only MOC’s of anything I’ve found in the wild were a Bat-rope Batman and a Voltron Skull Scavenger. Everything else, I either bought online, or at retail while they were new.

      • I think it was Christmas before last. He kept it. I’m not sure he’s looked up the online value. I’d have trouble ignoring the potential profit as well… hell, I just sold the CD of the original Ratt EP because it was worth $80 on eBay. I figure one day they’ll reprint it and I’ll get it then.

        My brother has also found a Technobot Afterburner TF on card, Doc Ock and Dr. Doom from Secret Wars, and a Star Wars Rancor Keeper. All on card, all at the same garage sale. Me, all I’ve found on card is a couple very obscure transforming robots that I once had as a kid.

      • Been seeing a few of those pop up on eBay recently. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Why cut off the top of the card, but keep the bubble?

        I think I just figured it out, while I typed up foolish comparisons. Whoever does that probably likes/liked to display the card-back art somewhere.

        Still… seems unusually common.

      • Maybe so. But there’s always been a system in place for constant recycling of stock amongst low-end discount retailers. If your idea were true, there never would have been a “Bargain Harolds” or “Bi-Way” or “Giant Tiger” or whatever the equivalent of shit-leftovers retailers you have in your neck of the world are.

        That’s not to say that Mattel didn’t keep their premium lines out of that system, though.

      • True. In fact, I know most of my toys as a kid came from the clearance racks at K-Mart. Not quite the same as a factory-seconds store, but I know those exist as well. When I worked at Factory 2U (defunct, and I only worked there for three months) we had a modest toy section that was largely filled with action figures from about 5 years prior.

  1. That’s so cool. Do you remember the name of the mosquito guy? I had the figure when I was a child and it had a cool transparent bit full of blood. It was amazing

    • He was always one of my favourites. You’re going to kick yourself when I tell you his name….


      That’s pretty much the rule of thumb with He-Man. 80% of them are ____or (Spikor, Stinkor, Skeletor, Dragstor) or ____ Man (Mer-Man, Beast Man, Moss Man, Ram Man) where the blank is their gimmick. The other 20% are lame puns on their gimmick (Two-Bad, Buzz-Off, Whiplash, etc)

      Moderately interesting story about Mosquitor… When I discovered one hidding behind the microwave one spring, and never told anyone about it… the Easter Bunny ended up leaving me one exactly like him in a basket a couple days later.

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