Fat Dad With Glasses: Super Nintendo Greatness

If I’m not on record with this statement elsewhere on this blog… I’m going on record with it now.  The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is the greatest console ever made.  Every game on it that I loved, I’ve gone back to play again over 10 years later, and they still hold up.  This can’t be said for many of the great games of older consoles.  It can’t be said of (many) newer consoles, either, because enough time hasn’t past yet.

“But… that’s just nostalgia talking,” I can hear you saying.

“Is not!” was once my go-to response to such naysaying.  But no longer!  I now have evidence.  It’s Charlotte’s favourite system.

Charlotte loves Super Mario World.  She likes to watch it, but she prefers to play it.  Of course, for her, playing it consists of getting to Yoshi in world 1-2, asking me to jump on him, and then she proceeds to stick out her tongue along with Yoshi, eating imaginary shells and spitting out imaginary fireballs.

It’s absolutely awesome to see her so excited about playing it.  Unfortunately, whenever I pick up the camera and try to take a video or picture of how excited she is… she goes into Gamer Trance Mode.  When her hands get big enough to hold the controller properly, she’s going to be a beast.

No, Mr. Naysayer, I am not putting too much weight into her three year old opinion.  She also loves Asteroids on the Atari 2600, and Transbot on the SEGA Master System… and those game still hold… up… today…?  Dammit.

Charlotte SNES 006

9 comments on “Fat Dad With Glasses: Super Nintendo Greatness

    • I was a Nintendo Fanboy through and through. I tried some Genesis exclusives at a friend’s place, and at my step-cousin’s… but I didn’t care for the system at all. Hockey, Mortal Kombat I, and Sonic were the only things worth a damn, to me.

      Of course, I’ve tried a few remakes and reissues of some stuff, and can see the appeal that they would have had then. Still, without that nostalgia hook, I’m still not very interested.

    • Transbot was a sidescrolling Shoot’em Up. You were a space ship that had 5 different forms, and each form used a different weapon. So obviously you remember it now… because I just described about 50% of the games available to 8bit or earlier systems.

    • I never got into the SNES Tecmo Bowl. I loved me some NES Tecmo Bowl, though. I always leaned more towards arcade style sports titles, than the “realistic” ones of any generation. NFL Blitz 2000, NBA Jam, etc. After the NES, the arcade style hockey ones were always shit though.

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