Found On the Internet: Cargo


I had to debate whether this was Found On the Internet or Fat Dad With Glasses material.  What am I supposed to do with all these emotions?  I haven’t felt like this since that goddamn trailer for Dead Island came out a couple years ago.

4 comments on “Found On the Internet: Cargo

  1. Only a couple words spoken over just seven minutes, and it wasn’t just better than almost everything I’ve seen of The Walking Dead (which isn’t a lot), but some of the best drama I’ve seen in a long time.

    • It’s great stuff. I really enjoyed it, glad you did too.

      I’d love to be able to recommend you continue with more of the Walking Dead series… but on the whole, at this point it’s more bad than good.

      Pick up the volumes of the comics. Now that’s some good zombie-related drama.

      • Yeah, I kind of lost interest in the show. Sounds like I’m not missing a whole lot. I might check out the comics though, head nothing but good things.

      • When the show’s not disappointing… it’s the second best thing on TV. Unfortunately, when it is disappointing… it’s doubly annoying.

        It’s not like a bad episode of some average show, like Law & Order… you know TWD has the ability to really blow the viewer away.

        If you enjoy reading comics or zombies in the least, you should check out the first two volumes, Days Gone Bye and Miles Behind Us. If that’s not enough to hook you… well… you were lying about liking zombies.

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