Found On the Internet: Beetlejuice Minecraft Roller Coaster

I don’t care if you’ve never played Minecraft, or if you’ve never seen Beetlejuice.  You should watch this video.  It’s an amazing tribute to the movie, made in a fantastic and creative game.  And it’s tripping balls.

Of course, if you have played Minecraft, you’ll recognize this as a colossal example of Holy-Fucking-Shit-What-Have-I-Done-With-My-Life Syndrome.  Kudos to the creators for making something awesome, though.  Y’knowhaddImean?

11 comments on “Found On the Internet: Beetlejuice Minecraft Roller Coaster

    • Hell, isn’t that all anything is, really? Especially true for Minecraft, though. Have you played it? It’s like the Wikipedia or TVTropes of video games. You fire it up, wonder what the appeal is, then the next thing you know it’s 5 hours later, you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing, you should have gone to bed 3 hours ago, and you wonder how you could have ever possibly enjoyed yourself.

      But yeah, this video was a crazy amount of work for someone.

      • I tried a demo once and it didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t seem like it would be worth the effort. Maybe if I didn’t have a wife and kid. But even making one of those Beetlejuice figures would be pretty impressive.

      • I have the wife and kid, too, which means I can only work in a few hours of video games a week, myself. That adds up to nothing in Minecraft. Huge time sink.

        Though my daughter now loves cutting down trees in it, and we can split screen on the 360, so I’ve been playing it more again.

      • Yeah seems like something hat would be fun for kids to play around with. My daughter’s only 3 so it’s just a few iPad app games for now, but I should have her beating Arkham City by 4.

      • Mines the same age, or just about… She asks me to find a tree for her in Minecraft, then she hits the button that cuts it down. Then she spins in a circle until she’s ready for me to find another tree.

        4 is where the money is. My brother could completely destroy me in racing games at 4, when I was 17.

        As for Charlotte, I’m hoping to get her interested in more of the retro, and retro styled, stuff before she gets into school. She’ll have all the time in the world to get interested in the new stuff on her own. She lost her mind jumping Mario on and off of Yoshi today. It was funny, ’cause her little hands aren’t big enough to reach the right side of the D-pad on the SNES controller if she’s holding it “right”.

      • It’s great when that kind of simple stuff thrills them to no end.

        We got her that interactive Sesame Street game for Xbox and she likes it but the gameplay is pretty minimal.

      • Thought about a Kinect for that game… then thought about the Sesame Street games for the Wii, since that wouldn’t require buying a $110 add on. Then I thought about running her through the old consoles, with fewer buttons and sticks and whatnot.

        She’s really liked everything, since there’s no objective for her yet… it’s just press a button, make something happen.

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