I Hate Daylight Savings Time ’13

Never been a fan of Daylight Savings Time.  I do not like it.  At all.  Twice a year I sharpen up my machete and try to put together a time machine to go back and right this injustice.

DST has been creeping more and more of our time away, to the point that “Standard” time is only 5 months out of the year and begging for a name change.  Maybe this will be the year that they finally bite the bullet and leave the clock the fuck alone.  At least until the next leap hour, anyway.

8 comments on “I Hate Daylight Savings Time ’13

    • The energy thing works me up every time. Half the people I know don’t even turn on a light in the evening any more, because everything they’re looking at is a goddamn screen, and the screen’s going to use the same energy whether it’s bright outside or not.

      • I thought the argument a few years ago for extending it into November was pretty silly “This way kids will have more time before dark on Halloween to trick or treat”. Uh, no… since when do kids trick or treat before dark? Is this some new generation “our kids are utter wimps” thing? We always waited for dark to fall, and from what I’ve seen when I’ve been at my brother’s on Halloween (no kids in my neighborhood), kids still do today. They just gave kids an hour LESS of trick-or-treating, not more.

        The energy argument is pretty stupid as well, I agree. The “this way you get to enjoy more sunshine” argument doesn’t work for me either. You want more sunshine? Just wake up an hour earlier or later, as appropriate. Can’t do that because of work? Well, then you’re probably not seeing the sunshine anyway.

        What really gets me is the times I’ve seen it justified as being helpful to farmers. Uh… how? Farmers don’t get up at five or six or seven… they get up at dawn, whenever that happens to be. They’re probably the demographic least likely to even notice DST.

      • The farmer thing always drove me nuts, too. Especially when people would say that’s why they invented it. Maybe there’s truth in that, but back then a lot of a farmer’s profits came from the Farmer’s Markets… which thanks to DST now operated at a completely different time than the sunrise/sunset of the day, and would completely fuck them over.

        My big thing that I don’t understand is why we need more light in the summer. The days are longer for fuck sake. If we need more evening light, we need it in the fucking winter, when we’re driving home in darkness like it’s fucking midnight on a moonless night, even though it’s only 4pm. Add an hour to that fucking day.

        I know we North Americans will be the last to give up on it, like it’s some kind of switch to metric time, but the world as a whole is slowly abandoning it. Fingers Crossed, buddy. Fingers crossed.

      • My grandmother always said it was like cutting material off the head of your blanket to add it to the foot because your feet are cold.

        Yeah. I know Canada and particular the U.S. are slow to get rid of certain outdated things, but maybe we’ll live to see this abomination abolished.

    • We’ve been lucky this year, our daughter’s sleep schedule has gone largely unaffected. If anything it’s been advantageous. She’s still going to bed at her usual time, but she’s waking up about half an hour later.

      Last year, though… Last year the things I would’ve done to whoever invented and/or continues the use of DST…. wouldn’t have been pretty.

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