I Got.

So almost 4 years ago, I made a post about a mind blowingly amazing new thing they were making. It was the beginning of the new Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Available only through Mattel’s online Collector’s store, Matty Collector, I was pretty sure I’d never be able to get one.  The price point was too high for me at the time.  I was between credit cards, so buying online was a huge hassle.  Since they were going to be a very limited run, I figured I would go without forever.

But that’s not the case.  
The MOTUC line has ended up being so successful that they’ve been releasing new figures every month for almost 4 years now.  Last year they even made some of the early, big name figures available in (effectively) unlimited quantities.  While buying online is no longer a hassle for me, the price point still seems a bit much.

However on October 12 this year, He-Man’s 30th anniversary, Matty Collector launched a one day only sale.  Both He-Man and Battle Cat for $30 + shipping.  That’s less than what they charge for Battle Cat alone.  I had to get them.

But these weren’t the first MOTUC figures I ordered.  Just a week before my birthday this year, I was able to order Skeletor, and my online namesake, Spikor.  They arrived pretty quickly, just a couple days before He-Man’s birthday sale.  I also managed to land a good deal on a loose She-Ra figure.

I really like the look of all of them.  I’m dreading the day if/when Charlotte asks me if she can play with them or open them.  Fortunately, She-Ra’s already out of the package, and I have several of the old figures that she could play with.  I don’t think I’ll be able to outright refuse her if she wanted to play with them.

Since Canada Post sucks royal ass, I just received He-Man and Battle Cat this week.  I think they make an excellent addition to the shelves of my Nerdery.

Battle Cat
Castle Grayskull
Snake Mountain

Unfortunately, now the line’s so successful that they’re making something else, that I can guarantee I’ll never have.

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