Review Grab Bag (10/2/11)

Welcome again to the Review Grab Bag…  the Review Free-For-All.  If it can be reviewed, it’s fair game… good, great, bad or steaming pile of shit.

As always the Review Grab Bag has an open call to any and all guest reviewers.  The rules are simple:

  1. Have an opinion on a thing.
  2. Write a paragraph or two about it, and e-mail it to me at
  3. Make her open the box.
  4. And that’s the way you do it.
In today’s Grab Bag we have 3 movies, and a downloadable XBox360 title.

This little Indie very nearly earned itself a full fledged review. The story of a time traveller, Pack, who while trying to save his time’s Earth, falls in love in ours. Pack is able to stay here for 11 minute intervals at a time, repeatedly returning to different parts of the same wedding reception. No one at the party knows Pack’s secret, except the camera crew that has been hired to film the Wedding. Part Twelve Monkeys, part The Time Traveller’s Wife, with just a dash of Memento, and made an obviously shoestring budget. The story isn’t exactly unpredictable, but it’s good enough to draw you in if you’re in the mood. The acting was a little rough around the edges, but not teethgrittingly awful. Perhaps the most interesting aspect, however, is that the film was shot over the course of 8 separate 11 minute takes. 4/5

Aladdin (1992)

This is the first Disney Classic I ever really enjoyed. When I was very young, I watched some of the older classics like Dumbo and Pinocchio and a few others on The Wonderful World of Disney but for the most part, I didn’t really care for them any more than any other cartoon.  Aladdin is where it changed.  The first from their 90s Comeback era that (arguably) targets a young male audience, Aladdin is full of action, comedy, decent songs and even some CGI that still holds up today. 5/5

Here we have a downloadable title for all console platforms from a couple years ago.  Full price is $10 US, or equivalent in Microsoft Points.  Full price is too much.  Got this on sale for $2 equivalent a few months back.  It’s a decent side scrolling beat ’em up that borrows from SEGA’s old Comix Zone game.  You play as a Comic Book Character trying to escape the comic book world.  It sounds derivative, and it is… but there’s a nice little twist at the end. Despite being a rip-off of an older game, this one scores big in the Design category based on a neat RPG inspired set of skill trees for each of the playable characters.  Graphics: 6/10, Gameplay 6/10, Story: 7/10, Design 7/10, Sound 5/10, Overall:  6/10

I didn’t expect a great movie.  Hell, I didn’t expect a good movie.  But I definitely wanted a better movie than this.  It doesn’t deliver on any level.  Not enough gore, not funny enough, not enough T&A considering it’s set in a goddamn strip club, and lightyears away from being scary.  Unlike any so bad it’s great movie, this one doesn’t even try to accomplish anything, and yet it still fails more often and harder than Obi-Wan.  1/5

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