Meanwhile in Canada…

Mel told me tonight that there’s not enough of a Canadian influence in my blog.  I didn’t realize there was a quota that I wasn’t filling…  but she’s right.  I don’t think I’ve really mentioned Canada in any way this month.  So it’s time to give’r.

12 comments on “Meanwhile in Canada…

  1. A+

    I wonder if Americans reading this blog are now lead to believe that a favourite Canadian pass time is to chop at ice with an ax in the nude? I wonder.

  2. I thought that was a moose with its head stuck in the McWindow. Granted, I'm not that great recognizing individual backsides of the Cervidae family.

    Yes… I looked up the family name of Deer, Moose, Caribou, etc. just to make this comment. I am an asshole.

    • You’re right. What was I thinking? I was probably thinking I’d save them for later. That’s crazy though. Who saves Timbits for later? Maybe the gross ones.

      • Seems to me, one of the great things about Canadian TV in the 80s is that we all watched it. We all hated it… but at one point or another we watched it. It was the great unifier. You can whistle the tune to Littlest Hobo, Hum Beachcombers, or the HNIC theme (the real one) to any Canadian of the right age, and they’ll sing along as best they can… and complain about how horrible the shows were (or the theme moving to CTV, or the lockout).

        We tried planting one of those Timbit trees, but it only grows old-fashioned-sugared in the snow.

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