Found On the Internet: Community Season 2 Recut Psycho-Romance-Suspense Montage

They might look happy… but they’re all murdererererers.

I enjoy re-cut trailers. I enjoy Community. So when I happened upon a video re-cutting Season 2 of Community into a Fatal Attraction-type Psycho-Romance thing… I was interested.

I came across this link on Community’s Facebook newsfeed… which put me at Entertainment Weekly‘s Inside TV blog. Which had made a post embedding a video from NBC’s website. And in order for you to watch it, you’ll need to click once more. Or look it up for yourself. But that’s seriously much more work. Why would you do that?

We need to go deeper.

Season 3 of Community starts next Thursday, Sept. 22, on NBC. Now with 100% more John Goodman.


7 comments on “Found On the Internet: Community Season 2 Recut Psycho-Romance-Suspense Montage

  1. Yup. Double *like*

    Where do you think they get these word verification words? Mine is “worpleds” that's not even a real word.

    Oh, I'm sorry, what was I talking about? Oh yeah Community. Psyched its coming back!

  2. Community is streets ahead.

    Word Verification is streets behind.

    What do you think? Should I uproot and move to WordPress for better comment procedures?

    Their interface frightens me.

  3. I don't know. I'm used to the layout of things here at Blogger. It's simpler, in my opinion. I know that there seem to be many other options available at WP, but I don't like the idea of figuring out something different, even if it is kinda the same.

    But I also don't like the idea/fact that a shitty comments section discourages the possibility of discussion.

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