Re-Watching Dead

“Admit it. You only came back to Atlanta for the hat.”

With the second season of AMC’s amazing The Walking Dead starting in just over a month, it’s finally time for Mel and I to sit back, relax and pace ourselves through a month of revisiting post-Zombie Apocalypse Georgia.

Look to your left… Now look to your right.
Come graduation day, one of you will no longer be with us.

Sure, The Walking Dead‘s short but sweet first season may have wrapped up a while ago.  Mel and I watched it, re-watched it, and I’ve watched it yet again since. But that was months ago.

As I recall… the series is fantastic in its own right. It’s true that die hard fans of the comic, like myself, have often been a bit disappointed in some of the turns that the series has taken; but I remember these twists and turns working (for the most part). Before Season 2 starts I also intend to re-read (at least) the first 3 trade paperbacks of the comic.

Watch this spot in the future, as I intend to post our different feelings on each episode as we revisit the misadventures of Rick Grimes yet again.

In the meantime… here’s a trailer for Season 2 that played at this year’s Comic-Con.


5 comments on “Re-Watching Dead

  1. I liked it quite a bit. But I think there's a lot of division out there amongst the fans. That CDC ending was NOT very popular.

    I liked it well enough.

    The line at Comic-Con? Ridiculous. I was in line for Steven Spielberg at about 1/4 to five. An hour later I noticed another line being formed. I asked someone what it was.

    Yup. The Walking Dead. Drawing a Comic-Con line at 6 am for an 11 o'clock panel.

  2. Comic-con sounds like sheer madness.

    I'll get into my feelings on the CDC and all that stuff once I've re-watched it again. As you said, it's definitely divisive.

  3. I don't read comics because I'm illiterate, however, I did watch the first season a couple of weeks ago. As I have no reference to source material, I enjoyed the TV series a lot. It was a little on the slow side and would probably work better in 30 minute increments, but it was cool.

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