Source Code (2011)

Hello everybody.

So, since my darling daughter, Charlotte, has finally decided (a year and 4 months later) to spend a couple of hours straight sleeping in the evenings and nights, I have finally been able to return, somewhat regularly, to my nerdly pursuits. Things like movies, video games, toys that don’t squeak and that ilk have been almost unattainable for the last year.

But enough about that. I’d like to actually discuss a movie that I recently was able to watch. Source Code, starring Jake Gylynhall? Gyllynhalllahlllal? I’m going to have to open another tab, aren’t I? Jake Gyllenhaal. There. Was that so hard? Anyway, he stars in the movie.

< So, Source Code is a sci-fi, action version of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. This soldier wakes up in a strange place, as a strange person, and has to live out the last 8 minutes of this stranger’s life. So I guess you could also mention that there’s a dash of Quantum Leap thrown in the mix. Except there’s no Ziggy, and Al is a kinda hot, girl next door, soldier woman, instead of Dean Stockwell. They need to work together to find out the whys and hows of a train explosion that happened earlier that day, so that they can prevent another, worse explosion set to happen later that day. So, we can now probably add 24 to our checklist. So, as you can imagine, there’s a lot going on here. There’s also a lot of exploding. Every time this guy “goes back in” the train ends up exploding. Which is good.

Now, the plot takes several twists and turns. They are all predictable. I seriously doubt anyone will be surprised by any of the twists this plot takes. But that really didn’t ruin anything for me. I could see everything coming as clear as day, but I still enjoyed it. This can only mean one of 2 possible things. Either:

1) Fatherhood, and the trials involved therein, have made me less judgmental of my forms of entertainment.


B) (Groundhog Day – Bill Murray) + (Quantum Leap X Girl Next Door)/Wrinkly Old Cigar Man + 24(Michael Bay Explosions) + Incredible Predictability = Fuck it, it’s Good Enough for Me.

2 comments on “Source Code (2011)

  1. I like this movie… but I wasn't able to guess the ending beforehand. Did you really predict the story? No offense, but that's totally insane. I don't know how anyone could be able to guess all the twists in the plot 😐

  2. I called 3 important things when watching it that ended up being right. Not 100% mind you. I don't want to give away exactly what, but I did call who the bomber was, how Jake got there, and expected the very end situation. I enjoyed the ride getting there immensely though.

    How Jake entered the program was, I won't say spoiled, but hinted that it was a twist in an interview I saw. That was enough for me to be looking closer… and a little suspicious… while watching it.

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