Fuck Empire Theatres

Not a whole pile to talk about today. If anything I guess I’m kinda disappointed that the shitty movie Mel wanted to see for her birthday isn’t playing here in town. I may have dodged a bullet, but that doesn’t make her any less disappointed.

If any Sobey’s executives happen to have stumbled upon this blog… Here’s a quick question for you: What the flying fuck is the point of having two movie theatres in the same town if you’re going to only play the same goddamn movies in each of them?

Seriously. Two Empire Theatres in town. Both have 8 fucking screens. There are a total of 9… NINE… different movies playing here. It doesn’t make any sense. Once upon a time, you could watch any movie that T.V. told you was “Now Playing” here. Now, you can watch a handful of them. I’m sorry, I really am… but Four Fucking Christmases does not need 3 screens (2 in one theatre, 1 in another) in this shithole of a town.

Fuck you, Sobeys. If you want to monopolize my movie going experience, pay for more variety.


3 comments on “Fuck Empire Theatres

  1. I enjoyed listening to the Doogie Howser theme while reading this post immensely. Thank you.And don’t worry about the crappy movie. You’ll get to see it when it comes out on DVD! 😀

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